GOODRAM SD SDHC class 10 32 GB - retail blister
  • GOODRAM SD SDHC class 10 32 GB - retail blister

GOODRAM SD SDHC class 10 32 GB - retail blister

24,60 €
Sizes: 2,4x3,2x0,21
Box: 10
Color: Black
Certificate: CE
Comp. brand: Goodram

High quality in your camera

A photo or video camera coupled with the 10 speed class card will let you making trouble free continuous shooting photos and will handle well rapidly changing frames in video recording. The card was made of the top quality components confirmed by the lifetime producer’s guarantee.


The highest available capacity

The GOODRAM SDHC class are available with the following capacities: 8, 16GB, 32GB. The maximum offered capacity equal 32 GB will allow you to record even 7 600of photos, 480  hours of music or 280 minutes of HD quality movies.

Check how much data you can save in GOODRAM Flash Cards
  8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
12 Mpx JPG, high quality
1 900 3 800 7 600
Full HD, 9 Mbps
120 min. 240 min. 480 min.
MP3, 128 kbps
120 h 240 h 480 h


GOODRAM SDHC class 10  (16, 32 GB) is compatible  only with SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)  and SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity)  devices.


Lifetime warranty

Production of GOODRAM memory cards involves only the best components and  thanks to this  GOODRAM memory cards are covered by lifetime warranty of the producer.